The Colorado Chess Academy is a non profit organisation that produces and distributes some of the best chess materials to it’s members. There is also an official Colorado Chess Academy site where matches and tournaments are held among players. There are many members who are a part of this academy and who have come to learn and become better players of Chess. The academy believes in non biased training of these members and they don’t even charge any money for training.


The Academy’s basic principles is to print the highest quality material of chess learning and use those materials to train the residents of Colorado in becoming a better chess player. The training is planned in such a way that chess training has been linked up with life’s training and also education and other important things life has to offer. We don’t want to create just great chess players but also great human beings and that is why we are training our state residents in this manner.


The CSA believes that Chess is an important game and it not only helps one get entertained and have fun but it also develops a child’s mind and ability to think. When your ability to think improves, you can do wonders in the field of education, business and what not. Chess enhances your ability to think, plan and execute.

Colorado Schools love to take kids who are smart and are also good in a certain sport. If you join us and become a great chess player by focusing on learning to play chess then we can try and ensure an interview in top schools of Colorado and that would be just the beginning to your road to success.

Sometimes we also provide entertainment. Like see this video and you will understand:

Colorado Chess Association

There is an official chess association of the Colorado State. Now this academy is not really a part of this state official association. We are just a group of people who have started a non profit academy to help kids of the state improve upon their life and their mental abilities and in the game of Chess.

The Colorado Chess Association is the official state partner of the United States Chess Federation. Being an official state chess association, this association has the right to conduct state level championship tournaments. The most important tournament that is held every year around the Labour day is the Colorado Open and the current winner or say the champion is Michael Mulyar and he is a young fellow.

There are also many other tournaments that are held by the Chess clubs that are spread across the state and many winners from there come and play in the official chess tournaments of the state. Those who win state championships can go and fight for the representation of the country in the national championships that are held by the country’s official chess federation.